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Why Pilates?

What is Pilates?

Pilates, as a practice, focuses on precise muscle movement and toning, controlled breathing, and advancing stability and balance. Pilates is a full body workout that is easily customizable for your health and fitness goals, and therefore accessible to anyone. Initially, the practice was used primarily as a form of injury recovery, but it has since been realized that there are more benefits. Muscle toning, breathwork, pain relief, balance and posture improvement, bodily awareness are some of the items on the long list of advantages of the practice. Body weight is the main resistance in the practice, and the repetitive and fluid motions promote muscle strength and stability. The mental aspects of pilates (breathwork, focus, bodily awareness, etc.) function as a workout for the mind in addition to the physical work.

At Pilates Evolution, we exercise a practice developed by Joseph Pilates, a German inventor born in 1883. After a sickly childhood, Pilates began various forms of physical activity in order to improve his health, including gymnastics and martial arts. He was determined to live a long and prosperous life, and after being put in an internment camp in England, Pilates began developing the practice we know today. Joseph Pilates rigged hospital beds with springs, enabling even bedridden patients to exercise. These contraptions were later developed into the cadillac, reformer, tower, and other machinery used in pilates. When Pilates immigrated to the United States, he refined the practice with his partner, Clara Zuener, and began teaching his practice. 

What is the history of Pilates?

Is Pilates right for me?

Whether you are a professional athlete or just looking to maintain physical capabilities, pilates offers something for everyone. Pilates equipment and movements are uniquely customizable, so anybody can work on personal goals for their body

At Pilates Evolution, we offer seven different group classes, as well as private sessions. Our fundamentals class is designed for the absolute beginner or anyone looking to take it back to the basics. Reformer flow and classic reformer are perfect for anyone looking for, as the name suggests, a classic pilates reformer workout. Tower classes offer a workout built to enhance stability and alignment, as well as provide full body work. Our Power and Cardio classes ramp up the intensity of the workout and are best for more experienced pilates students. Power will utilize heavier springs, longer sets, and more advanced movements while in cardio classes, we pull out the jump boards and get our heart rates increasing. We offer private sessions for those who want to customize their workout to the greatest extent. Privates are perfect for those who want to learn more about their capabilities on the pilates apparatuses, target specific muscle groups, aid in injury recovery, or just want a truly personalized workout tuned to your wants and needs.

Which class is right for me?

How often should I do Pilates?

Joseph Pilates himself suggested that we practice pilates 4 times a week. Consistency is key in developing and maintaining muscles, balance, stability, and flexibility. Since Pilates is a low-impact workout, it is easily possible to do pilates every day, so long as we are mindful of our bodies capabilities and needs. 

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