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Studio Philosophy

Pilates truly is more than a workout. When he developed the method, Joseph Pilates called it "Contrology" - because it’s the practice of controlling the body and the mind together.  When done correctly, Pilates builds muscle function and strength, along with increased balance, flexibility, and alignment. When you start to realize all the benefits of Pilates, you become more than a member or student, you become a practitioner.


Joseph Pilates said "Breathing is the first act of life, and the last".  The most vital component of human life is air, and yet we don't give much thought to breathing because we do it automatically.  Awareness and control of breath are essential to the practice of Pilates.  Flow is another key component and becomes easier to achieve with awareness of breath.  By practicing Pilates on a regular basis, you improve the mind-body connection in ways that carry into your daily activities. 


Our style of Comprehensive Pilates builds on the foundations of classical Pilates by delivering exercises in new and explorative ways. Classes are taught to give you challenging options and needed modifications. We like to keep things moving, but stability and alignment are essential before movement takes place, and our teachers are skilled at helping you with those corrections.


Pilates Evolution is a space where everyone is encouraged to find their own strength and growth.  We are building a community of people who want to feel good about themselves and the world around them.  We want you to feel your body getting stronger and take that feeling into the rest of your life.  So come join us at Pilates Evolution and become a Pilates practitioner.


About Erica Matney - Founder and CEO

I have always loved to move my body, and I'm told that I was dancing before I was walking. I have been teaching various group fitness classes since 2012 including barre, strength training, HIIT, and stretch & release, but prior to my teacher training, I had only taken a handful of Pilates classes. I was honestly unimpressed with the classic Pilates classes I tried, finding them to be slow, a little intimidating and rather expensive for something that left me wanting more.  I also tried variations of Pilates that solely focused on the work out, with heavy spring loads, loud music and no modifications.  This was definitely more, but by taking the focus away from controlled breathing with conscious movement, we were no longer truly practicing Pilates.

I discovered my love for Pilates through a teacher-training program at local gym and Pilates studio, and began my journey to Pilates Evolution. Gaining knowledge through extensive practice and study, I earned my 500 hours Pilates Apparatus and Mat certification through a Balanced Body based program.  I have taught thousands of hours since then, and I continually expand my knowledge base.  I have taken continued education courses in movement and physiology, as well as post-rehabilitation workshops with Polestar Pilates.  Because I feel that there is always something new for me to discover, I plan to continue my Pilates education well into the future.

For me, the focus of Pilates is the mind-body connection.  Practicing Pilates has helped me alleviate stress and anxiety in ways that medication has not been able to do. It geniunely makes me love the way I feel, both physically and mentally, and I want to share that with anyone who will listen.  At Pilates Evolution, I want people to feel aligned, stretched, taller, and stronger, and I want to help them find their mind-body connection. 

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